Re-Take That

Re-Take That
Date: 17/11/2024
Time: 20:30
Location: Benidorm Palace
Prices: 30€ - 38€
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A quintessential 1990s boy band, British sensation Take That left an indelible mark on the music scene, amassing a worldwide fan base with their unforgettable hits like "Back for Good," "Pray," and "Never Forget." Consisting of Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Robbie Williams, their departure in 1996 was a poignant moment for fans.

However, the group's resurgence in 2005, marked by a phenomenally successful reunion tour, underlined their undeniable appeal, with performances attracting more than half a million attendees in a single summer.

Continuing their legacy, Take That have since produced a string of chart-topping hits and maintained a commanding presence on the live entertainment circuit, celebrated with eight BRIT Awards, three Ivor Novello Awards and over 45 million of records sold worldwide.

For those longing to experience the magic of Take That's heyday, Re-Take That emerge as the premier tribute act, offering the chance to immerse themselves in the euphoria of their music and live performances. Since their inception in 2007, Re-Take That have captivated audiences across the UK and beyond, replicating the original band's concerts with unrivaled fervor and authenticity.

From their debut performance at the Roker Hotel in Sunderland to headlining events such as the Sunderland Airshow and embarking on extensive UK and theater tours, Re-Take That have performed to almost three quarters of a million people. Their commitment to authenticity, from costumes to choreography and special effects, ensures a genuine Take That concert experience, complete with on-screen lyrics for fans to join in with.

Re-Take That Tribute Show is comprised of five extraordinary artists reflecting the original members, including a "Robbie Live!" perform, performing Robbie Williams' solo hits with style. Backing from Take That's own Jason Orange, lead guitarist Milton McDonald and famous fan Declan Donnelly, attests to Re-Take That's unrivaled recreation of the Take That experience.

This tribute is not simply a nod to Take That's musical legacy, but a celebration of the band's lasting influence, inviting fans new and old to relive the euphoria of their music. As the UK's leading Take That tribute band, Re-Take That promises not just a performance but an unforgettable night of nostalgia and joy.

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If necessary, tables will be shared.

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