A nightlife venue in Benidorm obtains an international sanitary seal

A nightlife venue in Benidorm obtains an international sanitary seal
Noticias · 07/08/2020

Benidorm Palace, a venue committed to people’s health and safety, is also implementing the highest international distinction in nightlife, the "Triple Excellence in Nightlife" There are already two venues in the Valencian Community that are internationally distinguished for their safety and health measures, quality and excellence. Dear all, The nightlife venue and dinner show Benidorm Palace, is preparing for its reopening scheduled for tonight and is doing it in the best possible way, becoming the first venue in the Alicante regionand the second in the Valencian Community to obtain the international sanitary seal promoted by the International Nightlife Association and named "Sanitized Venue". This international health badge is the only international sanitary seal in the world specifically catered to the nightlife industry and that meets strict health requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The main objective of this international sanitary seal is to protect the health of clients and workers and help restore client’s trust towards the industry once the nightlife venues reopen, some of which have already opened in different countries and others hoping to open soon. In this sense, Benidorm Palace has already foreseen the events and has already implemented this international sanitary seal that follows the recommendations of the WHO, which is a clear guarantee that the premises in question is completely clean and disinfected and that at the same time incorporates a series of elements and international protocols suited to protect the health of clients and workers. This international sanitary seal that has arrived in Benidorm by the hand of Benidorm Palace, requires a series of requirements, including chemical fogging of the premises, have hand-sanitizing dispensers available to customers, obligation of staff and customers to wear masks, make masks available to customers, implement a strict protocol for cleaning and disinfecting areas of high contact, sectorial and specific training through a protocol aimed at workers, panels of recommendations and obligations for customers, among other measures of health protection. Optionally, the distinguished premises can implement air purifying devices that remove all types of particles such as viruses, bacteria from the air as well as an application that allows the traceability of customers in case any positive is notified. In Spain there are already 17 nightlife venues distinguished by the International Nightlife Association with this international sanitary distinction and specifically being Pacha Barcelona, ??Marina Beach Club Valencia, Tropics Lloret de Mar, Shôko Madrid, Opium Barcelona, ??Nuba Barcelona, ??St Trop 'Lloret de Mar, BeOut Platja d'Aro, Carpe Diem Lounge Club Barcelona, ??Shôko Barcelona, ??Drinkking Tents Sant Cugat, Papillon Platja d'Aro, Teatre Sant Cugat, Carpas Costa Este Palafrugell, Tropical Salou and finally Benidorm Palace while 14 others are currently being implemented, which demonstrates the high commitment of the nightlife sector to the protection of human health from the spread of COVID 19. Staff training, through the only specific international anti-Covid-19 manual catered to nightlife As has been said, this seal implemented by different venues around the world and now arriving to Benidorm requires surpassing training and a protocol of action to all venue staff in order that all security, hall, kitchen , bar, and wardrobe staff can be clear on how to act at all times. This training is provided through the only international anti-Covid-19 manual specific for restaurants and nightlife and has been developed by Linkers, a company specializing in training in the field of hospitality based in Madrid. It is also important to emphasize that this seal is a reputable international health seal of a private nature that always requires compliance by business owners to comply with state, regional and local internal regulations on health and safety, even if the regulations have been applied once the seal has been granted. The international sanitary seal counts with international recognition Currently, this international sanitary seal has the support of the Italian Nightlife Association (Silb-FIPE), the American Nightlife Association, the Spanish nightlife association (Spain Nightlife), the Colombian nightlife nssociation (ASOBARES Colombia), the Israeli nightlife association (Israeli Night Union) and the Uruguayan nightlife association (ACDEM). Also, venues in other countries such as Croatia, Israel, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Morocco and the United States are currently being implemented. Benidorm Palace and Marina Beach Club will be the first venues in the Valencian Community to obtain the highest international distinction in nightlife On the other hand, Benidorm Palace will be the first venue in the region of Alicante to obtain the highest distinction currently available internationally in the industry, the "Triple Excellence in Nightlife". Benidorm Palace has highly surpassed the first two seals regarding to safety and acoustic quality waiting to be able to surpass the third relative to excellence in service once it can reopen, showing with this its commitment with the hygiene, the quality and excellence. Marina Beach Club, is also implementing this triple international distinction, being these two venues the first in the Valencian Community to obtain the aforementioned. Both venues, apart from having the only international sanitary distinction for nightlife venues, will have this maximum triple international distinction held by venues such as Hï Ibiza, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel or Cavalli Club Dubai, among other internationally prestigious venues Manuel Espinar, President of CONHOSTUR and of the Federación Empresarial de Hostelería de Valencia (FEHV) and Board Member of Spain Nightlife, emphasizes the importance of more and more venues in the Valencian Community to obtain these badges of safety and quality, increasing the prestige of our touristic establishments and contributes to generating confidence to our tourist destinations . Likewise, Manuel Espinar emphasizes the importance of the health and safety seal "To generate confidence in the tourism sector of the Valencian Community and its establishments, which is very necessary in these times, in which we must offer safety more than ever to visitors and customers to know that they are in a place of full trust”.

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